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Restore Your Health. Transform Your Life.

Heal90 is a nutrition and lifestyle program that combines expert-led Zoom-based sessions, online accountability-focused support groups, and tailored whole food plant-based meal strategies to help participants combat chronic conditions.

Heal90 combines the experience of a medical doctor and a restorative health strategist, who have both overcome chronic health conditions. Through their experience, they have created a practical evidence-based solution that helps participants live healthy, longer, stronger, vitality-filled lives.

Heal90 educates, engages, equips, and empowers participants with implementable proven common-sense approaches to reverse chronic health issues and become better advocates for their own health.

Our Mission

Heal90 is a movement, created and championed by Dr. Kevin Billups and Tony Holt, to empower people worldwide to take control of their health by making behavioral and lifestyle changes around nutrition, movement and sleep.

Health issues are reaching pandemic proportions in the US with both men and women suffering from disability and premature death at increasing rates. The prevalence of serious health issues among US adults is staggering with 40% - 75% having one or more chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity or high cholesterol. These medical health conditions place men and women at
significantly increased risk for heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and cancer. They are also associated with emotional health concerns including depression, stress, anxiety and early cognitive decline.

​Through education Heal90 engages, equips and empowers participants with the tools to reverse serious medical and emotional health issues and become better advocates for their own well-being through a process that we call “Self-Care”.


Dr. Kevin Billups is a highly experienced Urologist and Men's Health Specialist with over 30 years of dedicated practice in the field. His focus is on Men's Health and Sexual Medicine, and he is an authority in managing both erectile dysfunction and testosterone deficiency, as symptoms of chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart disease. He uses a unique approach that combines traditional medication with lifestyle changes, such as improved nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindset. This clinical strategy allows Dr. Billups to address the root cause of medical problems, rather than simply treating symptoms. With personal experience of the positive benefits, Dr. Billups advocates for this approach to restore health and vitality in himself and his patients with chronic diseases. He is a strong believer that the only solution to sustain better health is for men to empower themselves to act and make lifestyle changes. 


Dr. Billups graduated from Harvard University and The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He completed his Urology residency at the Johns Hopkins Brady Urological Institute and then pursued a fellowship in Urology, Sexual Medicine and Vascular Physiology at the University of Virginia. Dr. Billups is currently a Professor of Internal Medicine & Urology and Director of the Men's Health Program at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. Throughout his career, Dr. Billups has helped countless men restore their health and lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

Tony is founder of Project Wealth 500, LLC (PW500). PW500 is a movement guided by the mission to break the cycle of poverty in Mindset, Health, and Wealth. For more than a decade Tony has been a lecturer, mentor, consultant and leading strategic work sessions with men and women around the country on how to improve health and well-being through restorative mindset, whole-food plant-based nutrition and body-in-motion techniques.
Tony has spent countless hours studying peer-reviewed research and literature on whole food plant-based nutrition, mindset and movement and their effects on recovery and performance. His passion was birthed from his personal health challenges.


At age 45, Tony found himself overweight with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, ED, borderline diabetes, congestive heart failure and prostate cancer (chronic metabolic health conditions). He reversed his chronic health conditions by implementing the scientifically based restorative lifestyle practices he now shares. Tony is free from all chronic metabolic health challenges and medication, lost more than 60 pounds and runs marathons! He attributes his success to his strong faith, support team, and an unwavering desire to live a healthy restorative lifestyle.

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